Orientation & further training

Don’t be afraid of working with hydraulics: our comprehensive orientation phase will turn you into a hydraulics expert

We want you to feel comfortable with us from your first day, which is why we place great value on having a well-planned and structured orientation process. However, in addition to this, we also provide a great deal of further training opportunities because our employees are our key to success. Use this page to find out more about orientation and further training at HSR GmbH.

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1. Training on the Job

Welcome to HSR GmbH. This is the start of your career in a personal working environment. Your first day with us will start by getting to know your supervisor in your base branch. You will get to know your new colleagues there and your colleagues will support you throughout your orientation phase and be there for you if you need any advice or help. In addition, you will also get your own personal mentor to support you, who will be available to listen to any concerns you may have during the first 24 months. 

You will also receive your personalised orientation folder with your individual orientation plan. We plan the content and process for your orientation in advance and you can review this at any time in your orientation plan. We also plan for getting your driving licence and pay for this for you. 

2. Training center in Essen

After spending the first few weeks in your base branch, the next step for you will be to go to our training centre in Essen. In addition to the theory, lots of practical training will be provided here to help you get ready for your day-to-day work. You will also get to know some more new colleagues and you will have the opportunity to talk to them about your experiences. Finally, you will be given a tour of our headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn.

3. Training branches

A central element of your first weeks of work will be your induction into the various training branches. Experienced colleagues and experts will guide you in day-to-day business and provide you with support if you need anything. Even beyond this period, you will come to appreciate the support you get from your colleagues and the sense of belonging and solidarity you will encounter at HSR. With us you will always find someone willing to listen to you. 

4. Seminars

Our employees are our key to success, which is why we will provide you with targeted seminars on hydraulics. In addition, you can continue to develop, even after many years, and develop a specialist or management career. We really like to recruit our management staff from within the company. 

During your orientation phase, we will provide you with feedback on an ongoing basis so that you always know where you stand. You can, of course, also give us your feedback at any time. For our employees in the branches, regular discussions take place with the respective regional manager to close any gaps.

Your know-how is our advantage

The future arises where good ideas, the right background knowledge and a lot of commitment meet: with our employees. 

The further training of our employees is very important to us, because they are the key to our success. For this reason, we attach great importance to personnel development. In internal and external seminars we are able to further develop the strengths of our employees. 

In technical seminars and training courses, we impart extensive knowledge to our branch employees to enable them to advise our customers safely and competently. We also offer our employees at our headquarters in Neukirchen-Vluyn extensive training opportunities. 

Each individual employee can develop further. And we, we receive experts for every challenge.