Joint-Fit® – The safety system for hose lines

With our unique Joint-Fit® safety system, we ensure that the quality of our hose lines remains consistently high in all our branches and on the sprinter. The testing technology that has been developed in-house and patented for manufacturing hose lines increases the level of safety for people and machines. We manufacture your hose line with maximum quality and safety in various consecutive and standardised work steps.

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The advantages of Joint-Fit® for you

Precise manufacturing on state-of-the-art machines

Joint-Fit® quality

Joint-Fit®, the safety system for hose lines, ensures maximum safety for you!

Tailored system components


Ensured by pressure pulse testing in accordance with DIN/EN/ISO 6803 in conjunction with DIN/EN/ISO 1402.

Optimum production of the hose line

Patented manufacturing process

Current pressing measurement tables. High-quality pressure and cutting tools. Component cleaning with ptcsystem®.

100 % production end control

Production end control

Ensured using patented testing technology - even for curved fittings. Consistently high quality confirmed by tests prevents expensive downtime.

Hose lines with Joint-Fit® – far better than the standard...

All of the hose lines manufactured using our Joint-Fit® procedure significantly go beyond the requirements of the corresponding standards DIN/EN/ISO 4413, DIN/EN/ISO 1402, DIN EN ISO 6803, DIN/EN/ISO 20066 at all times and this can be reproduced anywhere. We guarantee an optimum service life at full functionality, e.g. by cleaning each hose line with our ptc system. If you wish, we would be happy to support you with company documentation for ISO certification (DIN/ISO 9000 et seq.) for hose lines on technical systems.

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