We believe in quality in terms of training, products and manufacturing.

We want our customers to always be satisfied. That is why quality is always the top priority in what we do and our products. This focus on quality starts with the training with which we provide our employees. We equip them with the necessary knowledge for all hydraulics work at our own training centre, which enables them to provide you with expert advice. However, good training is just the basis. The quality of the products also needs to be good. That is why we only use high-quality products made by renowned manufacturers. We use our patented Joint-Fit® production process to process them and form the perfect hose line.

Training center

We believe in providing further training on an ongoing basis because expert employees help us to stand out.


We believe in high-quality products made by renowned manufacturers.

Hose cleaning

We ensure that hoses are clean and minimise downtime using our ptcsystem®.