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  • 41. Data Protection Policy

    Data Protection Policy Information obligations of the person responsible according to Articles 12 and 13 EU-DSGVO 1. Data protection at a glance General notes The following notes provide a…

  • 42. Hose management

    With our HSR Safety Management System, we provide you, as an operator, with proactive support in terms ensuring preventive maintenance for your systems. Thanks to our innovative hose management…

  • 43. Hose identification

    We record all the relevant data about your hose line on our IT system using our innovative procedure for identifying hose lines, SchlauchIDENT®. This removes the need for time-consuming and…

  • 44. Damage documentation

    Perfectly tailored processes for your sector We provided tailored solutions for your sector with our digital order processes. Thanks to order processes and checklists that are specially tailored…

  • 48. Stellenanzeige Filialleiter Unterallgäu

    Stellenanzeige Filialleiter Unterallgäu

    2020-03-16_Stellenanz_Filialleiter_Unterallgaeu.pdf 817 KB
  • 49. Products

    In addition to the professional production and quality control of a hose line, the components that are used also play an important role. As part of our quality promise, we therefore rely on…

  • 50. Stellenanzeige Monteur / Mechaniker / Servicetechniker in Mannheim

    Stellenanzeige Monteur / Mechaniker / Servicetechniker in Mannheim

    2020-12-10_Stellenanz_MMM_Mannheim.pdf 2 MB